How To Be A Nice John

A john – a man that for one reason or another has decided to fork his hard earned cash for the graces of one of the ladies that normally our outside his reach. Or maybe outside his public circle?

If you are one of these men, most probably you’ve been window shopping for a while, maybe on Twitter, maybe browsing the ads on the backpage of the local paper or whatever media happened to catch your eye. The promise of undivided attention from these beautiful women almost unbearable and practically within reach, made you fantasize with “what ifs” and “why nots”. So, if you do decide to make that extra step and actually see one of the ladies, here is some advice on how to do it nicely. It should work to everyone’s advantage.

  1. Information. Read the ad or the lady’s website carefully. She explains there most of the information that you need to book an appointment with her: how to contact, what is the expected donation, if she can accommodate same day meetings, and so on. If she doesn’t provide a phone number don’t start digging for old posts, website archives, etc. It would only make you look like a stalker if you contact here on a phone number that is not public anymore.
  2. Politeness. When you contact her, be polite, like you would be to woman that you just met and you are trying to get a date with. Don’t be a jerk and blatantly ask “how much?”… That information is probably already listed clearly in her ad or her website. Start with something like”Hello Simone! How are you? I saw your ad on such and such and I would really like to meet you. etc.”, you get the idea. Going with things like “U avail? Menu?” is a guarantee to label you like a jerk and most likely you won’t get an answer. Don’t use acronyms and do bother to send a complete sentence. If you do get an answer for such messages most probably she’s a bit desperate. Is that the kind of lady that you want?
  3. Rates. If the ad says “rates are not negotiable” it means just that. Save you negotiation skills for used cars salesmen and flea markets. How petty can you be to try to squeeze a few bucks from a girl that you are trying to have an intimate encounter with? Maybe you get $25 cheaper, while losing $200 worth of (self)respect.
  4. Sexting. Don’t engage in sexting while trying to book a meeting. You will get your hour(s) of attention when the time comes. She may humor you with a reply or two, but don’t abuse this. Would you engage your plumber in texting back and forth about pipes and such after you asked him to come and check your leaking bathtub?
  5. Twitter and other media. Same as above, if you follow some ladies’ accounts, don’t abuse their posts by trying to get off on just commenting on their pictures and expect sex chats. If you like her, well, book an appointment and talk to your heart’s content. Otherwise, keep it within decent limits and don’t stalk them with corny comments.
  6. Referrals. These days, many companions ask that you provide some references before they see you for the first time. If you think about it, it makes sense, who knows what creeps roam the cyberspace these days, and a companion is quite vulnerable to horny stalkers. If privacy is a huge concern for you than maybe you should not try this path. It is a risk, of records being hacked, contact information leaked and so on. However, your risk is nothing compare to their risk of bringing a potential rapist or even worse, a criminal into their apartment. There are sites that provide some verification service for a small fee, with the assurance that the initial information provided for verification being destroyed.
  7. Punctuality. If you finally booked an appointment, you will probably get clear details on how to get to her place (or your place). Try to be punctual, like you would be on a date. If you are running late for some reason, notify her. If you have to cancel for some reason, make sure that you do that well in advance, at least 48 hours. Chances are she refused other requests because of your booking and to have her get all prepared for you for nothing, it’s just mean and really, unmanly.
  8. Her looks. Most ladies don’t show their full face on their ads or websites, for obvious reasons (social stigma is still a big problem in our society). You will probably see some professional pictures that show her in the best light possible. All professional picture are photoshopped (for colors, contrast, to remove imperfections, etc) so unless you are a complete ignorant on such matters, don’t expect the lady to be picture perfect. She may be even better in reality but she may be less. The pictures are there to give an idea. At least you know that you will see someone that can be photoshopped to look like that. If you don’t want surprises for the face then find a girl that puts her full face in her ads or website. If you build up your fantasy based on just partial facial features most likely you’ll be a bit disappointed as the chances of your fantasy matching the reality are slim. A video is harder to manipulate compared to a photo so you want extra assurance, look for someone that has several recent videos available.Then you will know what you get. If you are somehow let down by the looks when you meet in person, well, be a man, see the good parts, go ahead and have a good time (and learn the lesson).
  9. Hygiene. Do we really have to go through this? So, before the meeting, get a haircut, take a good shower, shave your balls, wash all the spots that you usually skip, shave, trim your nose and ear hairs, floss, brush your teeth, use deodorant and a drop of cologne. Before meeting get some minty gum but drop it before you actually get at the door. Of course, dress nicely, as you would for a date. Most likely the lady will dress nicely for you and it’s only fair that you do the same. After all is all part of the game. If the lady is asking if you want to take a quick shower, you do that, it probably makes her more comfortable and you want that, right?
  10. Donation. Put the money you owe in an unmarked, unsealed envelope and just put it somewhere where she can see, without making a big fuss about it. Don’t make her ask for it. Of course, see the point above about rates (as in non-negotiable). If you want to give her a gift, just use your common sense. Maybe a bottle of wine (but don’t go with the cheapest), some chocolates, a gift card to a lingerie store? Flowers are always a nice touch. Be a nice man, you are doing it for her and for you. A happy her is a guarantee for a better service.
  11. Dirty talk. I understand that some people find dirty talk exciting and part of the experience. Some believe that due to the nature of their business, the companions are just fine with that. Well, no. They are women, fragile, mostly very young and having to deal with all sorts of men. If dirty talking is your thing, fine, but let her know, something like “In intimate situation, I find dirty talk quite a turn on, so feel free to talk to me like that and don’t be offended if I do, it’s just part of the game and I don’t mean to offend you.”. That will clarify the air and don’t make you look like a misogynistic prick.
  12. Say what you want. If you have certain fantasies and requests, just spell them out. Companions are not mind readers. If they know what turns you on, they will probably try their best to oblige. Most of them want to offer you an amazing experience but they may not know exactly what makes you tick. During the meeting, don’t be afraid to tell them what you want (but don’t be an asshole, just say it as you would to your lover – actually, you may be able to say more to a companion, she won’t judge you – see below)
  13. Judging. Will the companion judge you for using her services? From my experience, the companions are smart, beautiful, have good taste and most of the take good care of their bodies. They are also very liberal when it comes to paid sex. They understand that men have certain needs, that mostly they think with their dicks, that beneath the “serious businessman” mask there is a teenager that wants to make out with a hot chick. In short, they won’t judge you, at least not more than you judge them.
  14. Orgasms. Unless you are totally clueless, you should know that the chances that a companion will have an orgasm because, oh, you are so good, are close to zero. It’s hard even with women that really love you and feel comfortable with you, to expect that from companion is unrealistic. And it’s not their fault, they have to do this regardless of their mood, on how you look, on short notice, etc. Unless you are Brad Pitt don’t expect that you’re going to swipe them of their feet – even he would have a hard time in that situation. If you really want to know what they feel, just put a finger in your ear and turn it around. Are you orgasmic? No? I didn’t think so.Even so, some will try to make it as if they do have orgasms or they really like what you do to them. Just enjoy the intimacy and don’t make a big deal out of it. The point of this is that you should enjoy the overall experience, the initial expectation, the flirtation, the intimacy with a strange woman, the erotic fantasy, the memories, etc. Don’t concentrate on the orgasm. If that’s all that you want you would get a much better deal from your right hand.
  15. Your age and looks. Chances are you want to see a companion that is maybe 20-30 years younger than you. You may be out of shape, past middle-age guy, etc. Should you be concerned that the lady will be totally disgusted by you? Well, as in the point above, the companions are past that aspect. You won’t make them fall in love with you but in the same time they won’t reject you or treat you badly because of your looks. What they want is a respectful, clean, serious gentleman. Age, looks, hair (or the lack of it) are not as important as those aspects. If you are self conscious about your looks and age you won’t enjoy it as much. You have already made that step, decided to pay a girl to be intimate with you, you might as well have fun. Concentrate on what you see and touch, be easy going, respect the girl and make it a nice experience. Companions want respectful customers more than hot, fuckboys.
  16. Safety. Just respect the safety of the companion and don’t push for anything that she doesn’t feel comfortable. Don’t try to convince her that just because you think your clean she has to believe you. And you wouldn’t want to be able to convince her because that would mean that maybe other guys convinced her. The extra bit of pleasure that you get by going bare it’s not worth the risk. Instead concentrate on the overall experience, not just by the quality of some partial skin contact.
  17. Time. Respect the time that you paid for. If you like more, just pay more to begin with. Don’t drag your feet and force her to remember you that your time is over. They don’t want to make it sound like a business consultation. Just be aware of time and leave when is the time. You wouldn’t want the companion to kick you out 3o minutes earlier, right? Why would she stay with you 30 minutes more? Remember, you’re not Brad Pitt.
  18. Reviews. If you are the kind of guy that writes reviews, well, be fair but think twice before writing something bad. Was it really that bad? Maybe you didn’t communicate what you wanted? Most of the companions are young ladies, many in their 20s, don’t expect them to be super professional. Give them a break. If you got bad service, well, take it like a man, write that in the “Loss” column and move on. Don’t see her again if the experience was bad. Anyway, even for good reviews, ask the lady if she is ok with that.

I probably missed some things, I’ll keep updating this once in a while based on feedback (if any!). However, I hope that it all makes sense and it will make the experience of seeing a companion something unforgettable, as it should be.


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